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How To Build and Turn a Compost Pile

Building and turning a compost pile

Building and turning a compost pile
Building and turning a compost pile

   As a small child I remember my Grandmother having a compost pile.  Her process to build and turn a compost pile was much different than what I do today.  She would add kitchen scraps to a pile behind the house. By spring time it would be about knee high.  She never turned it but would use it in the spring when planting the garden.

  Fast forward 20 years or so and I have 4 horses. When you have several horses, you have a LOT of material that can be used for a compost pile.  I would just pile it beside the barn and approximately every 2 weeks I would use my tractor to move it.  I had 5 piles with the first being the start and the last being the finished pile.  I would move pile 4 to 5, pile 3 to 4 and so on until they were all moved.   Moving a compost pile aerates the compost, a very important step!

  Today I live on a 1/3-acre lot with no horses.  All I have to compost is grass clippings in the summer and leaves in the fall.  This mix does not work as well but does work.  Watch the video (How to Build and Turn a Compost Pile) to see how I now do it  .

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