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Welcome to DIY with Wayne


Welcome to Do It Yourself with Wayne.  The purpose of this website is to empower you to Do It Yourself.  I have always been a DIY’er and have saved an uncountable amount of money by fixing things myself.  I also design and build things myself when I can.  More about me here.

Our videos are posted to YouTube.com and there will be links here as new videos are uploaded.  To view all of our videos starting with the most resent, use this link Do It Yourself with Wayne.  To see a list of all our videos use this link DIY With Wayne

Recent Videos

How To Sharpen Bypass Loppers

Are your bypass loppers getting dull? Is it harder than it used to be to trim limbs and bushes? In this video, I will explain how they work that is different from other cutting tools and how to sharpen them. I also go over the tools needed to do a good job.

This is a review of our
Drip Irrigation System

This is a review of our Drip Works Drip Irrigation System after 2 months of use. We have their medium-size system for raised beds. We have 4 raised beds and each bed is 4 feet by 16 feet. We have 4 lines running the length of each bed.

Planting our Aquaponics Rafts

This is video 4 in our Aquaponics Series. We will show our rafts, how we made them and how we plant them.

Aquaponics Tank Preparation

If you want to try Aquaponics, you may want to start with half barrels for tanks.  This video will show how we prepared our tanks.

How to build A Stand for your Aquaponics Half Barrel Tanks

If you are using Half Barrels for your Aquaponics, you need to build a stand for them.  This is how we built ours.

Aquaponics Tank, Stand & Plumbing Installation

This is the third in our Aquaponics series. Video one and two were about preparing the tanks and building the stand. This video is about putting them together and installing the plumbing.  We also show our Water Garden, 

How to build a Water Garden on your Deck

We have had a Water Garden on our back Deck for years.  In this video we show how we built it and some special precautions about the weight your deck must be able to hold.

How to build A Carpenter Bee Trap

If you have Carpenter Bees around your house, you may want a cost effective way to get rid if them.  This trap works very well and is easy and inexpensive to build.

How to Build a Bluebird Feeder

If you like having Bluebirds around your house, you should build a Bluebird Feeder.  It is easy to build and gives the Bluebirds a feeder that other birds won’t use.

Potatoes in 5 gallon buckets From Seed to Table Series

Here we are planting our potatoes in 5-gallon buckets. This is the first part and we will have 1 or 2 more parts as the season progresses showing how the potatoes grow and how we harvest them.

Self Watering Planter by Earth Box

We purchased a self watering planter from Earth Box. It’s a called a gardening system and includes everything you need except the soil and plants. We walk you through the introduction of what is included then the recommended process of putting it together and filling and planting.

How to Build an Electric Fence

Do you need a fence to keep deer and other animals out of your garden? This is how we install our Electric Fence each year. We will show the parts we use and the how any why.

Planting Raised Garden Beds

In this video we are taking our seedlings from our cold frame and planting in our raised bed.

Testing Standard & GFCI Outlets

This video will teach you how to test your standard and GFCI Outlets for correct wiring and Ground Fault Protection. We will demonstrate 2 testers on our outlets and talk about GFCI outlets and circuit breakers and how to test them.

Drip Irrigation Install in Raised Bed DripWorks

We purchased the medium drip irrigation kit for Raised Beds from DripWorks. This video is our installation of this kit. We also purchased the optional timer / controller to automate our watering.

Transplanting Seedlings from Bulk Cell Trays to Individual Pots

In this video we will be Transplanting Our Seedlings. We started the seeds in Bulk Cell Trays and now they are ready to be transplanted into larger Individual Pots.

Compost Bins & Enclosures Pros & Cons from 30+ years experience.

In this video we discuss our experiences from the last 30+ years with compost bins and enclosures. Over the years, I have seen a lot of different methods. I will talk about the different types and the pros and cons of each.

Radon Testing. Helping to prevent lung cancer.

Radon Gas is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by the natural breakdown of uranium in the ground and the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer.  Protect yourself and your family by testing and remediation if necessary.  

Seed Starting Indoors Vegetable Garden video 1

This is how we start our seeds indoors weeks before they can be planted in the garden. 

Building a Raised Bed for Gardening From Seed to Table

This video is second in our gardening videos for DIY From Seed To Table. This video will demonstrate how we build our raised gardening beds.

DIY Cold Frame Gardening From Seed to Table

This video will show how we built our Cold Frame. The cost was $0.00 because it it was built out of scraps we had.

Solar Powered LED Security Light

In this video we will demonstrate installing a BUNKER HILL SECURITY
500 Lumen LED Solar Security Light. 

Bird Feeder Lid Repair

The top lid on our bird feeder won’t stay on. We repaired it and we will show you how to fix your own.

Magnesium Fire Starter

In this video we will demonstrate the magnesium Fire Starter from Harbor Freight.

Lasagna Composting Leaves in your garden

Have you ever wanted to compost leaves in your garden quickly?  Try lasagna layering compostable materials.

How To replace the bottom seal on your garage door

Replacing the bottom seal on your garage door is relatively easy.  With just a little instruction, you can do it.

How To Repair Broken Ceramic Figurine

We accidentally broke a figurine that goes with our manger scene and this is how we repaired it.

Bedroom Light Replacement

This video will walk you through replacing a wall light.  this light can be installed with the globes facing up or down

How To Install A Dimmer Light Switch

This video is about replacing an existing light switch with a dimmer light switch

How to replace an Exterior Door Weather Stripping

This video is about replacing the weather stripping on an exterior  door.  We will show removal and re-installation.

J-B Weld Plastic Bonder

We use J-B Weld Plastic Bonder to repair a broken plastic part. We will show the steps we use to prepare the broken part, dispensing the epoxy, mixing, applying and finishing the repair.

How to replace an exterior door threshold plate

This video is about replacing an exterior door threshold plate.  We will show removal and re-installation.

How to repair an interior door threshold plate

This video is about repairing an interior door threshold.  We will show removal and re-installation.

Bathroom Sink Clogged? Try Turbo Snake

This video is a product review about the Turbo Snake.  We will test it on a very slow drain and show the result.

5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix does work with some applications but maybe not all.  We tested it on clear glass and a ceramic pot.

Laser Distance Meter

We are reviewing this Laser Distance Meter by Inlife. It is very accurate but the warranty of 1 year is worthless. Check out this review for more details and examples of using it.

DeWALT Impact Driver 20 volt

Tool review of the DeWALT 20 volt cordless impact driver.  I have had this tool for 5 years or so and use it a LOT.  If you don’t have one, you may want to get one!

Loctite Epoxy Self Mixing Glue

We review the Loctite Epoxy with the nozzle that self mixes the 2 parts as they are applied. This eliminates the manual mixing of the 2 parts and makes using epoxy much easier. We will go over the instructions and demonstrate using this product.

Irwin Speedbor Wood Bits

Tool review of the Irwin Speedbor wood bits. We also demonstrate them and show the features.

Door Knob Maintenance

This video is about door knob maintenance. We have several inside doors at our house that the knob is hard to turn. We will demonstrate how to remove the parts, lubricate the parts and reinstall them.

Kitchen Sink Sprayer Clogged

Does the sprayer in your kitchen work like it should?  Do you get streams of water going in all sorts of directions or not spraying at all?  If so, you need to watch this video.

Fan slow to start

Do you have a small electric fan that won’t start or starts very slow? You need to view this video! Here we will demonstrate a slow starting fan and how to correct the problem.

DIY Firewood Rack

Do you have stacks of Firewood?  If so, You NEED these firewood racks.  They can be easily moved as needed with a compact or sub-compact tractor or jut sat in place to keep your wood off the grown.

Battery Backup Repair APC

In this video we will show you how to repair a APC UPS or Battery Backup of the most common failure.

Battery Backup Repair CyberPower

In this video we will show you how to repair a Cyber Power UPS or Battery Backup of the most common failure.

DIY Firewood Rack

Do you have stacks of Firewood?  If so, You NEED these firewood racks.  They can be easily moved as needed with a compact or sub-compact tractor or jut sat in place to keep your wood off the grown.

Log Splitter Review

I’ve had this Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Log Splitter for 2 years.  I will go over what I like and don’t like then demonstrate using it.

Chimney Sweep Top to Bottom

In this video we will demonstrate the tools and procedure we use to clean our fireplace flue.  Also, don’t miss the Cast Iron Dragon at the end.

Porch Railings Instalation

We will show the installation of the Deckorators White Aluminum Deck Universal Rail. We go over what’s in the box, measuring the width for cutting to size, how to cut the tails, installing the mounting hardware and installing the rail assembly between the post.

Post Covers Installations

We are installing 4X4 post covers on our new front porch in preparation of installing new railings. We will go over cutting the post to the height needed and the cover, base trim and a post cap installation.

Bolt on Hooks Sub-compact Tractor Bucket

Here we install Ken’s Bolt On Hooks on our John Deere 1025r sub-compact tractor.  These also work well on Kubota, Mahindra and most other brands of compact or sub-compact tractor.

Battery Test Neewer 176 LED

Battery life test for the included batteries on the Neewer 176 LED photo/video lights.

Garage Door Window Replacement

In this video, we have a broken single pain window in our basement garage door.  We will be replacing the broken window and walk you through the steps so you could replace your own broken window.

Glass Glue by Loctite

Glass Repair by Loctite Glass Glue.  We will demonstrate preparation and application of this glass glue to repair a glass photo frame

Neewer 176 LED Light Kit

Tool Review of the Neewer 176 LED Light Kit for photography.  It works well for still or video photoghaphy.

Hot Water Heater Temperature Adjustment

Is your hot water hotter than you want? Or is it colder than you want?  This video will demonstrate how to aduuse the temperature of the water in an electric hot water heater.

DIY Automatic Pet Feeder Partition

Do you have two cats and one feeder?  I do and they would not eat next to each other so I designed and built a partition so they could eat at the same time.  Watch this video and build your own.

DeWalt Laser Level Self Leveling

Tool Review of the DeWalt DW088 self leveling laser level.  We used this laser level installing ceramic tile in a walk in shower and it was worth every penny just on that project.

Irwin Vice-Grip Cable Cutter

Do you have need to cut small steel cables?  This tool review will demonstrate the Irwin Vice Grip Cable Cutting Pliers.

Irwin Vice-Grip Fencing Pliers

Tool Review of The Irwin Vice Grip Fencing Pliers.  This is a very useful general purpose tool.  Mostly designed for fencing chores but can be used for a lot of projects.

Carryall for subcompact tractor

This is a product review of the CountyLine Carryall for compact and sub-compact tractors.

Delta Bathroom Faucet Replacement

Do you have a bathroom faucet in need of replacement?  This DIY video will demonstrate how to replace an old faucet with a new Delta Faucet.

Garage Tech EE6000 Review

Tool Review of The Garage Tech EE6000 Boroscope.  This tool will let you see behind walls and inside pipes as well as other tight spaces.

Garage Door Maintenance

You can save yourself a lot of money by doing your own Garage Door Maintenance.  this video will demonstrate how to do it yourself on a typical Garage door.

Garage Door Safety Cable

A Garage Door Safety Cable is vital to the safety of you and your family.  We will show what to look for and how to install them.

Installing a Blue Bird House

Here we will walk you through installing a Blue Bird House.  We will go over options you have and things we do that may be different from the way others would install a Bird House.

Box Blade Repair

In this video we are repairing a Box Blade that we purchased cheap because it has been abused a lot. It has bent parts, torn parts and a LOT of rust. We disassembled it, straighten (as best as we can) the bent parts, welded the torn parts then sand prime and painted it.

How To Fix a leaky faucet

How to fix a leaky faucet. Replacing the control valve assembly. This project did not go as planned but has some good tips.

Change a Water Filter

This How To video will walk you through the steps to replace the cartridge in an A O Smith or Whirlpool Single Stage Whole House Water Filter System.

Repairning a Water Garden Leak

This video is about repairing a leak in my Water Garden. There are hints and tips about locating the leak and cost effective repairs. With over 20 years of building and maintaining my own ponds I have had numerous leaks and have repaired them all.

Space Saving Tip for your shop

Are you short on workbench space? This video is about how to save your valuable bench top space. We will show you a tip we use TO NOT permanently mount things like a drill press, bench grinder etc. but still have them mounted securely when being used.

Automatic Card Shuffler Repair

In this video I will demonstrate an Automatic Card Shuffler and how to repair the most common failure.

Building / turning a compost pile

This is how we build and turn our compost pile using leaves and grass clippings and turn it with a sub-compact tractor.

How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives

Sharpen your own knives with tips and hints about sharpening tools and techniques. Save money by Doing It Yourself? We will show various tools for sharpening knives and demonstrate how to sharpen your knives with a whetstone or sharpening stone.

How to Sharpen Scissors

In this video, I will explain how to sharpen scissors and how it is different from sharpening a knife. Also tips on what sharpener to buy.