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When to clean my chimney

when to clean chimney

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In this video I go over cleaning my chimney / Flue. I also talk about when to clean my chimney and why. If you have a good wood stove and burn pine (especially green pine) it will be needed a LOT more often. In my case I burned pine for most of 2 years and my chimney required cleaning about once a month. If I went longer I would risk a chimney fire. In fact this did happen on 1 occasion. I would also have a problem with the topper on my chimney getting so clogged that smoke could not get out. This caused my stove to smoke up my house.

If you burn well dried hardwood, once a year should be adequate. That is what I am burning now and there is little creosote build up. The creosote build up is what needs to be cleaned out before it builds up and causes a problem. In this video I show cleaning my chimney and examples of the creosote I get out of it.

If you have a fireplace, you will have a lot less buildup of creosote. This is because there will be a faster draft going up the chimney and the creosote does not have as much time in the chimney.
when to clean chimney
Learn when to clean your chimney and how here!

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