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Blink Security Camera

Blink Security Camera

This video will demonstrate the Blink Security Camera from unboxing to usage. We start by showing our Blink Outdoor Security Camera installed on the outside of our house.
You can view the full video at here Blink Outdoor Security Camera

Next we go inside for the unboxing. We go over the description on the box and show all the parts included. It does come with batteries and they are Lithium AA Batteries. We demonstrate the mounting parts and how they can be used for different locations and/or angles. There is a phone App that can be downloaded to access the camera form anywhere your phone can access the internet. It also has a intercom feature that can be used with your phone. It does have a delay between when you say something and when the person on the other end hears you. But you can communicate with people at your Blink Outdoor Security Camera when you are not home!

Near the end of the video we include samples from our camera. Some daytime, some nighttime and one sample of the audio in use.

You can purchase your Blink Security Camera here.

Blink Security Camera nighttime with flood lights on Blink Security Camera nighttime with flood lights off
These are images from my Blink Outdoor Security Camera. The one on the right is daytime , the second one in at night and my flood lights are on, the third one is at night without the flood lights on. These images are poor because they are reduced and compressed for this blog. On the video they are full size and better quality.

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Below are links to the equipment we used making this video.
Blink Outdoor Security Camera
Nikon D7100 DSLR
GoPro HERO9 Black:
Rode Wireless Go Microphone
Neewer LED Video Light kit
We also have a new camera, a Canon 90D, we will be making 4K video with this camera

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