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Plastic Repair Kit

This video is a review of a inexpensive plastic repair kit. It includes the heat tool that operates on 120 volt AC , a stand to keep it steady when not using it but it is hot, a small piece on stainless steel wire mesh for larger repairs, a wire brush and plastic filler strips.  The kit also includes a information sheet with warning information and simple instructions.

I start by opening the Plastic Repair Kit and showing all the parts that are in the box.  After going over the parts, I proceed to demonstrate a repair.  I did not have and broken plastic to repair so I broke something.  It was the cover to a six deck card shuffler.  I broke the side and proceeded to show how the tool works by repairing a small section.  Because the fumes from the repair are very toxic, I did not repair the entire break.

In the end I gave this produce a good review and I think at it’s price point of under $25 it is a good value for a home grade DIY tool.

Plastic Repair Kit

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You can purchase your Plastic Repair Kit here.