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How to Replace the Threshold on an Exterior Door

Do you have an exterior door that is letting a lot of cold or hot air into your house?  WE DID, and we made a video to show How to Replace the Threshold on an Exterior Door.  In our case there was a very large gap between the bottom of our front door and the threshold.  This was because we had new hardwood floors installed and the installers cut off the bottom of the door so it would clear the new floor.  However, they did not do anything to the threshold leaving a gap of about three quarters of an inch between the seal and the bottom of the door.
Exterior Door Threshold Gap
We did not notice this at first until we started having problems with bugs coming in.  We also noticed a draft at the door.  After this, I started investigating and found what the floor installers did not do!  I was not happy!  Rather than trying to get them back I chose to fix the problem myself.

At the beginning of the video I show the large gap under the door.  Then go over how I plan to fix the gap at our threshold.  I start by removing the old threshold.  I then installed additional wood to build up the base for the threshold.  I also painted this so it would look betted and to protect it from the weather.

Then I explain how to trim the new threshold to fit the door opening.  Next I installed the mounting hardware and the rubber strip that seals out the hot / cold air by contacting the bottom of the door.
Extreior Door Threshold Replaced

At the end I demonstrate the seal.  Ours did need a little adjusting after I installed it but it has worked great for several years now.  So if you need to know How to Replace the Threshold on an Exterior Door, just watch this video.

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