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How to make Suet Cakes at Home

Are you interested in how to make Suet Cakes at home?  In this video I am accompanied by my sweetie, Ann.  In most of our videos she is behind the camera making me look good.  However today she is in front of the camera and demonstrating how she makes Suet Cakes.

She will go over the basic ingredients for a suet cake recipe.  There will also be information about additional ingredients you can add as well as some of the different birds attracted by them.   You can attract more and different birds by the ingredients you add.

She will start by melting Lard and Low or no sale Peanut Butter on a very low heat.  Then, adding the basic ingredients.  Next, adding some extras to attract more birds.  The mixture does not need to be cooked.  It is only heated to melt the lard and peanut butter.

Next the mixture is poured into a pan to be cooled.  After it cools it can be cut into the size blocks you need for your feeder.

Click on this link for the video and all the hints and tips: How to make Suet Cakes at home.


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