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How to Lamp Repair Modifications and Updating from plug to shade

Come along as we walk you through many aspects of Lamp Repair. We start with replacing a plug on the lamp cord and end with options for different types of lampshades.

Here is a list of the times each section starts. However, we recommend watching the entire video because of the many hints and tips that are applicable to more than one section.

0:00 Our intro and overview of this video. Don’t miss this part.
1:35 Tools needed for working on lamps
2:22 Replacing the plug on the lamp cord. We also go over several types and where to purchase them at a discount.
6:48 Different types of lamp sockets. One way, 3 way and pull chain sockets with metal or plastic housings.
8:23 Replacing a lamp cord. Includes getting a new cord at a discount as well as other lamp parts.
11:00 Replacing the lamp socket and/or lamp cord.
18:40 Installing an inline power switch