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Gasoline Transfer Pump Battery Operated No Drips No Spills

In this video we do a product review of a Gasoline Transfer Pump that is battery operated. It is from Harbor Freight but there are a lot at Amazon that look just like it. I suspect the Gasoline Transfer Pumps at Amazon that look the same are the same and made in the same factory.

This transfer pump is very easy to operate. It does not come with batteries and needs 2 size D batteries. Operation is very simple. Just put the black pickup tube in the gas can and the clear discharge hose into the fuel tank. There is a simple on/off switch on the top of the handle. It can be used for numerous types of liquids like gasoline, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids but not drinking water.

In the video, I demonstrate using it to transfer gasoline from a gas can to a John Deere Mower. I found it to work very well and the manual list the transfer rate at up to 6 quarts per minute.

The full manual that came with it is posted below.

You can purchase it at Amazon using this link:

Liquid Transfer Pump

gasoline Transfer Pump

battery operated Liquid Transfer Pump

battery operated gasoline Transfer Pump