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Cone Splitter Wood Kindling Log Auger for a Drill Review

We review the Cone Splitter by Moshare. It is advertised as a Log Splitter but it will not split a log of any size. It is best for splitting kindling from small size pieces of wood. It will do this task and we demonstrate splitting several types of wood. There are also examples of splitting with the cone splitter and a hatchet on the same type of wood.

Cone Splitter on DeWalt Drill  This cone splitter can be very useful but be careful using it.  In making this video, there were several times the cone splitter would not split the wood.  When this happened, it would bind in the wood and the drill would spin around.  My hand and arm were a bit sore the next day because of this.  It works better if trying to split at the end of the wood, not near the mid section.