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Cone Splitter, Kindlin Cracker, Ax – Pros and Cons of all 3

Do you need to split firewood for kindlin?  Here we compare the  Cone Splitter Kindlin Cracker and Ax for splitting kindling and explore the pros and cons of each. The Kindlin Cracker is made of cast iron and very well made. The Cone Splitter is the type that comes with 3 shanks that can be screwed into it for attachment to a drill. The Ax in a Camp Ax or 3/4 ax. We demonstrate the use of all three products and explore the safety aspects of each tool. We discuss the price and how each tool performs. In this video it becomes evident which method is safest, least expensive and most effective. We hope by watching this video, you will be better equipped to decide which method would work best for you, in your situation.

You can purchase the Kindling Cracker here: